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YOU Versus YOU - Your Biggest Challenge

The only person stopping you from being your best self is you. It’s that little voice inside your head telling you “you can’t”, “you shouldn't” or “you're not good enough”. This little voice likes to keep you in your comfort zone but you can only become the best you by pushing outside this. When we do this, we quieten that little voice. We start to believe in what is possible and start to overcome our fears. We challenge ourselves and that is when your best self start’s to emerge. We all face choices every day. Maybe it’s to get up at 5am, maybe it’s not to eat lunch at the desk, maybe it's just to eat lunch! When it’s decision time, you and only you are in it. Do you get up at 5am or turnover under the duvet? Do you go and take some time away from your desk for a bite to eat? That little voice in our heads can be so over-powering so what are you going to do? Are you going to take on the challenge to become your best self or stay inside your comfort zone wondering what might have been? It starts with one choice, one decision.

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