• Lorna - PDC Coaching

Psychometrics - A Lightbulb Moment

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Psychometrics can sound scary and complicated but in reality, they are not. What they do is aim to provide you with insight into your behaviours and preferences. They help you to externalise your internal processes. As a human-being, you are very complex and to understand what is happening internally can be very difficult for you to express. We can all struggle with answering a simple question like "what are your strengths"? Psychometrics adds value by collating information from a series of questions you answer, producing something that is more tangible for you to work with and to understand.

Simply put, psychometrics is collection of questions which assess your individual interests and your ways of thinking, feeling and acting in different situations.

They also provide information regarding your emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Both of these are critical to your personal and professional development and can provide huge support when making career and life choices.


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