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Small Steps make a Big Difference

When we think about making changes, we can get overwhelmed by overthinking it. We jump from A to Z and forget about B,C,D etc. When we jump from A to Z, the change just seems too big to achieve and we lose interest and motivation. But when we just think about B, it suddenly becomes less daunting and more achievable. Take the example of drinking 2 litres of water a day, I absolutely know that this is beneficial to my overall health but going from drinking very little to 2 litres is a significant jump (A to Z) but if I start with drinking .5 litre a day, that becomes achievable and that’s A to B thinking. I will eventually work up towards 2 litres a day but now the task doesn’t seem as impossible as it once did. I am still working towards my goal of drinking more water but doing it at a pace that sets me up for success. What A to Z thinking have you had and what changes can you make so that it becomes A to B?

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