• Lorna - PDC Coaching

Your best investment will always be in yourself

Why do we invest so heavily in our external self and not in our internal self? External self being clothes, shoes, bags, cars etc and the internal self being our body, mind and spirit. What are we looking for? Is it because we want to be perceived in a certain way? This is a sign that maybe you need to start investing in your internal self. We spend so much money on creating a certain perception but the reality is you are with your internal self all of the time. You can’t escape you. Investing in yourself is the most powerful and beneficial purchase you can make. When you get to know and understand yourself better, the returns are limitless. It will bring you so much more than investing in your external self. So ask yourself - How much have you spent investing on your external self in the last 12 months? When was the last time you invested in your internal self?


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