Joanne, JL Designs, Tipperary

I have been in coaching with Lorna for two years now and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Lorna has helped me understand who I am, how to cope when things are hard and to be my happiest self. Life has so many ups and downs and now, because of coaching, I am far more grateful for the good times and when the hard times come I have the tools to accept, process and get through them without questioning myself or my abilities. Coaching has improved my relationships with family, friends, work and myself. I have now set boundaries in all areas of my life and have also learned how to understand and respect the boundaries of those around me. Coaching is a tough but so worthwhile journey and I can honestly say my life changed for the better.

Bernie, Donegal.

I first contacted Lorna as I was interested in a Psychometric evaluation and my initial
sessions with her were as part of this process. Having completed these, I decided to
continue with further sessions. Lorna helped me to learn so much about myself. She has a knack for asking the right questions and she challenged me and my thinking process many times. Through Lorna, I realised that I was very stuck in certain thinking patterns and the awareness of this has increased both my confidence and my inner peace. Lorna has a very calm, non-judgemental manner. I felt I could say anything I wanted or needed to say. Her focus was always entirely on our conversation and it is obvious from her that she has a real passion for her job and is committed to helping her clients get the most from every session. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lorna as a coach. You will gain so much from working with her.

Mary, Ireland.

Before the coaching and psychometric I was probably finding it a bit difficult to move forward and make any useful decisions about jobs. Afterwards, I felt that everything was a lot clearer and I was better able to go from A to B and understand my decision-making process. I found the psychometric to be very interesting and insightful. I think it was a great starting point for the sessions and probably allowed the coaching to progress more quickly. I was delighted to have gotten some answers that have been really helpful.

Kate, Ireland

Coaching gave me the space and time to investigate limits and incorrect thought patterns I had let develop over time. After sessions, it was as if a weight had been lifted from me and this work has resulted in a healthier relationship with myself and others. So glad I found Lorna @ PDC Coaching

Aisling Keyes, Tipperary.

I cannot recommend Lorna enough she is amazing and passionate in every aspect of her coaching. I have had many sessions with Lorna not knowing where I was at and she took me through struggles and difficulties and led me in the direction I needed. Such a down to earth person that is highly skilled, professional and confidential.

Helen O'Hanlon, Cork

I would highly recommend Lorna, she is passionate, professional & a highly competent coach.